Calcite – The energiser

Green calcite is said to boost energy, remove stagnant energy and reduce fear and stress, while blue calcite is used to soothe frayed nerves and anxiety.

Amethyst – The all-rounder

Used for healing, purifying and enhancing willpower, amethyst is said to support spiritual wisdom and rid the mind of negative thoughts. It’s also said to aid sleep.

Tiger’s eye – The harmoniser

Need a motivation boost? This golden stone can help you make clear decisions, rid your mind of doubt and experience harmony and balance.

Obsidian – The protector

This inky stone is said to guard against negative feelings and help process emotional blockages.

Clear quartz – The master healer

The so-called ‘god’ of the crystals, clear quartz is an all-purpose stone believed to support the entire energetic system and is great for putting you in total balance.

Rose quartz – The stone of love

Believed to encourage trust and love, whether of the self or others, this crystal enhances human connection and o ers comfort in times of grief.

Jasper – The nurturer

Said to provide support during times of stress, jasper allegedly empowers the spirit and absorbs negative vibes.

Citrine – The happy stone

With its sunny orange colour, citrine is believed to spark joy, enthusiasm and creativity.





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