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What Your Chickens Want You to Know: Backyard Chicken-keeping in Aotearoa Andrea Graves, Potton & Burton, $30 The ideal guide for anyone wanting to keep healthy, happy chickens. Andrea Graves scratches below the surface of chicken-keeping and shares her chicken-whispering secrets. Written specifically for New Zealanders, this book covers all the bases, including housing, managing their social lives and how to use them to grow healthy food. Food Savers A-Z: The Essential Cornersmith Kitchen Companion Alex Elliott-Howery and Jaimee Edwards, Murdoch Books, $55 Your new best friend in the kitchen, this book is a timeless resource packed with ideas and advice for reducing food waste and making great meals with what you already have. It contains waste hacks, storage tips and more than 100 recipes. Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionaries: How Women (Also) Built the World Kate Mosse, McMillan, $40 An alternative feminist history of the world, this brilliant book is split into 10 sections, each covering a di erent category of women’s achievements in history. Mosse tells the stories of female inventors and scientists, philanthropists and conservationists, authors and campaigners including that of her great-grandmother Lily Watson. In Her Blood Nikki Crutchley, HarperCollins, $35 An enthralling, suspenseful, tightly-wound novel of secrets, lies and suspicion by Ngaio Marsh Award shortlisted New Zealand author Nikki Crutchley. The book is set in the fictional settlement of Everly and the Gilmore Hotel (inspired by the Waitomo Hotel near her childhood home) and tells the story of two girls missing, two decades apart. Be Good: Plant-based Recipes for Everyone Bu y Ellen Gill, Bateman Books, $45 Bu y Ellen Gill shares how switching to plant-based eating helped her overcome Graves’ disease, plus 100 simple, quick and delicious recipes! Learn about the nutritional qualities of individual ingredients and how to do plant-based on a budget. Secrets of the Sea Robert Vennell, HarperCollins NZ, $55 A lavishly illustrated hardback book with stunning photographs and fascinating historical illustrations, this informative book is a wonderful introduction to New Zealand’s fish and shellfish and celebrates the magic and mystery of the world beneath the waves. Be Your Best Self Rebekah Ballagh, Allen & Unwin NZ, $33 A book of brilliant exercises, tips and practical strategies to help people transform the way they see themselves and create lifelong change. It covers everything from your inner critic to perfectionism, self-sabotage to procrastination, soothing your nervous system, limiting beliefs, inner child work, boundaries and self-love. Yates Top 50 Fragrant Plants and How Not to Kill Them! Yates & Angie Thomas, HarperCollins, $40 Yates’ list of the top 50 fragrant plants to stimulate your senses and everything you need to know about selecting and growing the right plants for your environment. With some careful plant choices, you can enjoy fragrant flowers and foliage throughout the year.