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Hi Good, I just wanted to write and say that I have loved Wendyl Nissen’s articles over the past few issues. I’ve decided she is my new hero and I want to be her when I grow up (I’m 40)… I was so inspired by her latest article on delving into vegetarianism and your review on her latest book – I went out and bought all three! I’ve now been reintroduced to my ‘self’ and have been looking after her a lot better ever since. Thank you so much! Sarah How do I start, Delicious, outstanding and just what I needed. After feeling a bit glum I decided to make one of your recipes after secretly reading it on my Nana’s bench, she said to me ‘why don’t we make it together?’. Well it was so special to be able to make one of your recipes alongside my Nana and to note the food was delicious. Your magazine is incredible and I love reading the stories so thank you. P Barach My daughter shares Good magazine with me. l am impressed with the content of each copy, also the quality of the paper in each issue. I always look forward to reading it. Well done team keep it coming. Faye McCamish Getting older has been a total challenge in terms of losing interest in things I once liked. Younger me was so much more excitable! Something that hasn’t changed as I get older is my love for magazines. It feels like a new surprise every time I flip a page! I love that Good always has the puzzles on the very last pages – it’s like a tiny little reward at the end. With everything else terrible going on in my life and in the rest of the world, there’s nothing like taking a few minutes to indulge and do some self-care. Penny Wallis Good magazine is great, being reasonably priced, having environmentally friendly paper, and always interesting. I pass it to my daughter too. Issue 82 had topics that I really zoned in on. Expectation vs Reality – as a conscientious person I put myself through bringing up two kids, 2 degrees. Am independent and have high expectations of myself so this article brought me back to reality. I had already been working on it, and have cut down to part-time work now but this was a good reminder. Overcoming Loneliness – Having to move for work, countries even, I have friends in other places more than home. This at times can be tough although they are keepers so that helps but it was good to get some tips. A Heart to Help – Have worked with prisoners, made me smile, practise yoga, something age allows, mindfulness, a good reminder of why. Bookshelf, competitions, food – at least three recipes I will be making. Keep it up and I will keep subscribing, not a treat, rather a healthy mind boost. Estelle Dyhrberg