Refresh & reset

Carolyn Enting, editor



Tangible Media


You may have noticed there’s something different about this issue and you’d be right! As we kick o 2023 with our ‘Reset’ issue, we thought it was an opportunity to refresh the magazine – just a little – as we figured it was time for a Good reset, too! The magazine is now slightly taller to make it easier to find, the design of the pages has been beautifully refreshed with easier-to-read fonts and we farewell our beloved dachshund Frank who has gone on a well-deserved sabbatical after seven years of hiding within the pages of Good for Find Frank. We thank Frank for his loyal service and wish him well, and welcome shiba inu Whisky to the team. Like Frank, Whisky is a fur member of the Good family. He was born in Perth and has since made his way, with Good designer Sally Huang, all the way to New Zealand. His hobbies include sock collection and bush investigation. You can see more of Whisky on his Instagram, @whiskytheshiba. Work out ‘Where’s Whisky?’ in this issue and be in to win a $100 Mitre 10 voucher (see page 4). It’s a great time of the year to be doing some DIY, and collecting seeds for the seasons ahead (see page 70). Speaking of planning, our 2023 Reset guide (pages 27-33) o ers great advice and practical tools from the experts for stepping into the new year on the right foot. For me, 2023 is about reclaiming my health. I spent too much of 2022 sitting at my desk, in the car and on the couch, so I’m going to take Sportslab physiotherapist Vaughan Craddock’s advice to start slowly and keep moving and stretching every day. I also want to reconnect with my exercise buddies. As Vaughan rightly says, “a training partner or a group of people can provide accountability in your journey and create more fun and connection along the way”, and I’m all about the fun. I’m also inspired by Sophie Correia and aim to follow her lead by putting my health on a pedestal. Sophie shares her wellbeing journey and some resetting yoga poses and their benefits on pages 40-43. If you love walking or running, or feel inspired to sign up for an event, Sarah Tuck’s ‘Walk or Run’ guide (pages 35-38) is a great place to start. Our cover star Wendy Petrie is a big fan of running – it’s where she comes up with some of her best ideas and works things out in her head. She talks about her career reset, why it’s important for her to still be on the telly and why she is saying ‘yes’! What do you want to say ‘yes’ to this year?