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Started my day enjoying a gorgeous sunny morning in my dressing gown cosily engrossed in Good. Absolutely love the range of articles you cover, it’s an encyclopaedia about living the good life – and living it well. I’m not a gardener and don’t have pets but learnt a new term ‘pet happiness’, gaining an appreciation for pet owners who fuss over their four-legged babies! The ‘Joy of Gardening’ inspired me to drive to Mum’s the next day and pot a cutting that had been sitting for weeks. I chuckled all the way through Wendyl Nissen on social media, and I made a pumpkin cashew curry that night. Of course my next car will definitely be electric. Congratulations Good, you really know how to enrich our wellbeing. Kat Hi there, and a huge THANKS for bringing quality articles, insights and inspiration to so many people. As an accredited resilience coach and workplace wellbeing trainer, I love reading your magazine and exploring the wide range of wellbeing topics, inspiring people and recipes. I am always encouraging my clients to practise self care and ‘put your own oxygen mask on first’, and taking the time to sit down with a cuppa while I read the articles in Good and do the puzzles has become one of my own self-care rituals. Thank you for the di erence you make. Carley Nicholson For someone who has been sleep deprived for years I found your article about one-third of Kiwis not getting enough sleep really interesting. Stress is definitely a factor that a ects sleep for me so [it was] great to learn about a natural, herbal supplement to try and calm and sedate me naturally. I have tried mainstream medicine and all it has done is made me drowsy and feeling awful when I wake up so I am going to give BraveFace and the six ideas for better sleep a nudge. Here’s to dreamy nights ahead. Micky McLeod Every letter published in the next issue of Good will receive a Lemon & Beaker Hydrating Toner with Rose Essential Oil valued at $49. The rose essential oil helps brighten skin tone and regenerate surface skin cells and rose flower water helps control excess oil and reduce redness. Email letters to, or write to Good letters, SCG Media, PO Box 62192 Sylvia Park, Auckland 1644