Improving period products



Tangible Media


Two local businesses are leading the way in menstrual matters. The new Coralcone menstrual cup has been designed to be a lot easier to use and easier to remove. “Where other cups are typically moulded as one piece (cup and stem together), we essentially made the stem removable (so if you need the length it’s there, if you don't you can remove it). All cervix heights catered for,” says Coralcone founder Yvette Shum. “The ribbon flows with the body, and the customer can experiment with it by tucking it up around the cup or taking it o if they don't need it.” Made from soft, flexible, durable medical-grade safe silicone, it’s comfortable to use and ensures a great seal without causing a damaging suction situation. Coralcone have also partnered with Live Ocean to help protect and care for our oceans, contributing $2 from every Coralcone purchase to marine science research and conservation initiatives. Its available in two sizes at a price of $59 for a single (Mini or Midi size) or $99 for the two-in-one combo pack. The new Hello Disc from the makers of the Hello Cup also has a removal tab. The patent-pending double-looped removal tab means the Hello Disc, $49.95, is easy and mess-free to remove, and more accessible to those of us who struggle to remove menstrual cups. It’s made of soft medical-grade silicone, holds the equivalent of five tampons or pads, can be left in for eight hours and you can enjoy no-mess period sex. It’s also suction-free and IUD-friendly.