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ETHICAL THREADS Live fast, shop slow is the motto of new online Kiwi shopping platform Found by Maverix. Co-founders Ellie Richards and Madi Rouse believe looking good doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the planet. They’ve worked hard to hand pick and source sustainable fashion from around the world. Watch their journey on YouTube channel Ellie & Madi. Their seven episode “How we started a fashion boutique” series is as informative as it is entertaining. These ladies have been putting in the hard yards and have had lots of learnings along the way! Designers represented by Found by Maverix include Andean (Byron Bay), Paloma Wool (Barcelona), House of Sunny (London), Lourde Lopez (Dorset), Ciao Lucia (Los Angeles) and Flamingo Life footwear (Spain). “Our purpose is to help ensure that the future of retail is a more responsible one by providing consumers with trusted access to ethical and sustainable products,” says Richards. “We hope to be the vehicle for change, to inspire not only brands but consumer culture to make more conscious shopping choices to take a leap towards saving the environment.”