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Wendyl Nissen’s story of her social media detox resounded with me – as I’m sure it did with many other readers. When I retired, I looked forward to making such good use of all the golden hours I was gaining. But, oh! This obsession with social media doesn’t only infect the young! It started with me as an interest. It became a commitment... then, an addiction! The continual scrolling through, with algorithms picking up on my clicks and likes and o ering me my heart’s desire. The endless checking of emails. I hope that like Wendyl I can make the break and experience greater mindfulness and genuine feel-good moments in the real world, rather than living life online to such a great degree. However, I have to admit – I’m not really ready to totally ‘log-o ’ just yet. Diane Davidson In the supermarket today I wandered past all the chocolate Easter treats and stopped in front of the last copy of the latest Good magazine. It became my Easter holiday treat and the first article I read was Wendyl Nissen’s honest recount about freeing herself from social media. My husband and I are in our early 60s and still enjoying multi-day tramps and have never done Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Thank you Wendyl for rea irming what a waste of time they can become. And for doing it in a somewhat humorous and non-judgmental way, not finding fault with the people on Instagram but with the environment and behaviours it can lead to. I love the sea, the bush and the mountains and that is where I play, reflect, heal and also engage with others doing the same. Ellen Stewart I have been paying close attention to the informative finance articles in recent issues. I even booked a coaching session through Hatch with the promo code that Good provided one time, and it was awesome. With a fair amount of podcast listening and reading a Tony Robbins’ book, I finally felt that I had the skills and the confidence to make a start. Just the other day I made my first two investments! Wahoo, it feels great! It’s been a rocky road financially while completing my undergrad and master’s degree as a mature student – I felt that I needed to get back in control of my finances for the future. Thank you for giving me the guts to do this and for reminding me regularly about how important this is. Faye White I’m lying in bed with Covid feeling bored and sorry for myself. I decided to open the Good e-newsletter and have a read, a luxury I don’t always have time for in ‘normal’ life. Just wanted to reach out to say THANK YOU for the great articles. I’m now inspired to take action to curb my sweet cravings, recycle my lightbulbs and continue to foster strong and loving connections with my few but meaningful friendships. I also just texted my hubby (who has kindly been bringing cups of tea and soup to my door for five days) to not-so-subtly suggest another subscription to Good magazine for my Mother’s Day gift. Thank you for years of interesting articles, gorgeous photography and beautifully illustrated pages. Your magazine brings me great joy. Keep up the GOOD work! Angela Murray