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We highlight hero sustainable beauty and bodycare products doing their bit for you and the planet. Hair today, gone tomorrow As someone who uses (and loses) a lot of hair ties, I’m overjoyed that biodegradable hair ties are now a thing! Bar None hair ties are 100 per cent zero waste, plastic free, vegan and cruelty-free. Bar None also makes biodegradable scrunchies! Summer skin repair My skin certainly got a hammering over summer despite all my sunscreen re-application! Now is a good time to repair that damage, according to skincare expert Michelle Devereux from The Edit. The Edit Cosmetics Miracle Worker C-Serum, $140, a brightening Vitamin C-infused serum, helps repair damaged skin and stimulate collagen production. Abel Extrait parfum Now that we can travel again, the timing of Abel’s latest perfume release couldn’t be better. Abel’s new Parfum Extrait Line comes in travel-friendly 7ml bottles made at its Wellington perfumery. Each highly concentrated perfume, $75, is made with therapeutic-grade essential oils and is 100 per cent natural and alcohol-free. Soap for sensitive skin Sabun Olive Oil soap, $13, can be used on your face, hair and body. Handmade in the Middle East, it leaves skin moisturised and calm, and it’s perfect for eczema or sensitive skin. Key ingredients include olive and bay laurel oils (the latter is naturally antibacterial). One hundred per cent natural, vegan and safe to use on babies. Clean shave A luxe low-waste alternative to plastic razors, this Cali Woods’ unisex Reusable Razor, $35, can be used on legs, bikini line, underarm and face. The trick is to glide lightly over the skin and let the weight of the razor do all the work. It comes in copper (pictured), silver and slate with five stainless steel blades and a blade return envelope. Guilt-free lippy Ethique’s new home-compostable lippy line proves the perfect pout doesn’t have to come with the price of a plastic tube. The colour is long-lasting and mattifying, and ingredients are plant-based. To apply, just remove the cap and push up from the bottom of the tube a bit at a time. The range comes in seven colours, $29.90 each, and is made in New Zealand.