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Mostly “Yes” It’s a hard job being the perfect partner, but you sound like you’re close. This test was designed for humans, however. Are you sure you’re not a robot? And why are you reading this story? I’m kidding. Relationships are more complex than this, and we all have our limitations. While there’s no such thing as perfect, you’re getting close. You have all the elements of love in place and you’re contributing to them. You are generous with your time, energy and spirit. You are complimentary, kind and supportive. When you disagree, you can step back and apologise genuinely. You can overlook minor annoyances in your partner for the greater good of the relationship. Sure, you have your moments, but not too many of them. Best of all, you’re up for doing even better. Well done. Mostly “Could do better” You’re doing well as a partner but, like almost everyone, there’s room for improvement. We all have communication struggles, arguments and battles over whose turn it is to do the vacuuming. We’re all vulnerable to distraction, and the temptations of technology have amped up the problem: we could solve a lot of di iculties if we just put our phones away and paid more attention to our partners. But that’s a challenge when a 24/7 source of entertainment is just a click away. Aiming to be a better partner is great, but it can be hard to know where to begin. This test may have highlighted areas where you could improve – it’s a useful starting point and you’ll find lots of ideas ahead. Mostly “No” Hmmm. You’re definitely not a robot, are you? At least you’re honest, even if you do have (a lot of) work to do! Seriously, not many people who are inclined to take a test like this will come in with a lot of “No” answers. Just by getting involved, you’ve shown you’re an invested partner – and that’s a good thing. If you’ve spotted some faults in yourself, don’t be alarmed. You’ve just got a generous margin for improvement, and a starting point for quietly going to work. Whatever your score, it’s time to put aside the labels. We’re all a little of everything. Just think of your answers as knowledge you need to embark on your journey.