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Across 1 Reduce financial risk (with a planted barrier?) (5) 4 Someone playfully mischievous (often a child) (9) 9 Something with no medical benefit that still makes people feel better (7) 10 A person expected to ensure fair play or settle a dispute (7) 11 A type of lettuce – or a hazard to shipping? (7) 12 A copy or reproduction of something (7) 13 Conclusion; extremity; aim (3) 14 Not being completely in proportion or balanced (10) 17 Travelling from Auckland to Invercargill, for example (10) 19 Former capital and second largest city in Brazil (3) 21 Tanned or lightly cooked, perhaps (7) 22 Followers of a Chinese mystical philosophy traditionally founded by Lao-tzu (7) 23 The quality of being literally cold, or emotionally distant (7) 25 Relating to or caused by wind (from the Ancient Greek god of the wind) (7) 26 A Jewish place of worship (9) 27 A beam that may signal a state of 1 down (5) Find the answer to 17 across and enter online at competitions to be in to win one of two copies of Words of Comfort by Rebekah Ballagh (Allen & Unwin NZ), $25. Down 1 “I have learned to seek my _____ by limiting my desires, rather than in attempting to satisfy them.” – John Stuart Mill (9) 2 A cul de sac, or fruitless line of enquiry (4,3) 3 A small hole in cloth or leather; a grommet (6) 4 An assortment of food served as a buffet meal (11) 5 A song (possibly on the G String?) (3) 6 A British noble whose title lapses at death (4,4) 7 A soldier or fighter (or, perhaps, a rainbow?) (7) 8/16 A Swedish teenager who wishes everyone was cooler! (5,8) 12 Argue in protest or opposition (11) 15 An ancient decorative technique for metalwork with coloured material held in place by metal strips (you might “close in on” an anagram?) (9) 16 See 8 18 Aspiring to (perhaps impracticable) perfection (7) 19 Italian composer who set new standards for opera before retiring from large-scale composition in his thirties, at the height of his popularity. (7) 20 Filled with 1 down (6) 21 A state of extreme 1 down (5) 24 Droop (while gas is rising?) (3)