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Green Thumb Craig Miller-Randle, MacMillan, $45 No one is born with a green thumb but anyone can grow one, according to indoor “plantspert” Miller-Randle. He provides a step-bystep guide to growing your own lush indoor jungle. Home Stephanie Alexander, MacMillan, $65 More than 200 original recipes by Stephanie Alexander for the more ambitious home cook. This is the perfect book for anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of food. Yates Garden Guide ANZ Edition Angie Thomas and Yates, HarperCollins, $50 The ever-popular practical Yates Garden Guide has been fully revised and updated. It includes chapters on planning gardens, choosing feature plants and growing trees, lawns and more. Thrifty Cooking The Country Women’s Association of Victoria Inc, Murdoch Books, $28 This wee book is crammed full of money-saving tips; easy, tasty recipes and fresh food ideas for family dinners, snacks and lunch box fillers – as well as economical ways to cook generously for a crowd. Stress-free Productivity Dr Alice Boyes, Ebury Edge, $35 A new book from Good’s very own mental health columnist Dr Alice Boyes! She shares why wasting time is fine, how to avoid feelings of “productivity shame” and redefines what it means to be productive. The Wild Twins Amber and Serena Shine, HarperCollins NZ, $40 Inspiring twins Amber and Serena Shine from Waiuku share their most extreme achievements and the secrets behind their strength and endurance. Their epic adventures on the hit Discovery show Naked and Afraid, include surviving naked in the African wilderness for 21 days. Sustainable Beauty Justine Jenkins, Quarto UK, $33 Planet-proof your beauty routine and start making your own zerowaste beauty products using this step-by-step guide, featuring recipes for DIY hydrating serums and superfood masks, written by leading authority and make-up artist to the stars, Justine Jenkins. Practising Simplicity Jodi Wilson, Murdoch Books, $37 Small steps and brave choices for a life less distracted. Wilson shines a light on all the best things in life that don’t cost money and how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle, whatever your circumstances. For her, the simplicity of living in a tiny home on wheels was at first terrifying but ultimately the essential answer to anxiety and overwhelm. Counting Creatures Julia Donaldson and Sharon King-Chai, MacMillan, $30 A counting book full of baby animals from the creators of award-winning Animalphabet. Comes with flaps to lift and holes to peep through. Celia Seagull and the Plastic Sea Nicole Miller, illustrated by Lily Uivel, Little Love, Mary Egan Publishing, $15 A fun rhyming children’s book that focuses on the nest-building antics of a busy seagull. It demonstrates the perils of overlooking the danger plastic poses to our oceans and marine creatures. It also encourages readers to be less self-centred and to care for others. What Colour is the Sky? Laura Shallcrass, Beatnik Publishing, $30 This beautifully illustrated children’s book explores the idea that all of us have different perspectives and opinions in life. It explores the wonder of nature and includes a notes section at the back about the different animals featured. Take Risks John Marsden, MacMillan, $40 To roam, to dare, to fail… these are the rights of children. Take Risks is the compelling memoir of award-wining writer and educator John Marsden and a forthright discussion on teaching, parenting and society as a whole. Ultimate Road Trips Aotearoa / New Zealand Brett Atkinson, Hardie Grant, $50 From coastal journeys to inland adventures, this comprehensive touring guide features 36 road trips across the North and South islands. Includes itineraries for what to see and do along the way as well detailed route maps, driving times, where to stay and places to eat. The Boy from Gorge River Chris Long, HarperCollins NZ, $40 From the son of bestselling authors of A Life on Gorge River and A Wife on Gorge River, Chris Long writes about growing up on Gorge River and spending the first 17 years of his life two days’ hike from the nearest road. He recounts his extraordinary childhood and life since, visiting some of the remotest corners of the Earth. Age Proof Professor Rose Anne Kenny, Bonnier, $33 An award-winning physician and researcher who is head of the academic department of Medical Gerontology at Trinity College Dublin since 2006, Professor Kenny shares her ground-breaking research and reveals why and how some people have a lower biological age (how our body looks and feels) than chronological age (the number), and the role played by food, genetics, physical exercise, cold water, childhood experiences, sex, expectations, friendships, inequality and much more. The Why: Healthy Habits for an Epic Life Isabelle Cornish, Murdoch Books, $37 Informed by Cornish’s personal journey and her passion for health and fitness, and drawing on her experiences as an actor, yoga teacher, personal trainer and health coach, The Why is a complete wellness toolkit for modern life.