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Happy garden After pruning weeds like daisies, knapweeds and dandelions, shake them over a sheet of paper to collect any seeds that drop. Mix the seeds with some wet soil and roll into little balls. Squash the miniseed bombs into the cracks in your walls or paving to let the wildflowers soften man-made edges. Into Green by Caro Langton and Rose Ray of RoCo Potato wisdom Never store potatoes and onions in the same container. The onions make the potatoes go soft. Always store potatoes and onions in a dark airy cupboard to stop potatoes going green. Light also makes potatoes and onions shoot. Never eat the potatoes if they have gone green. Green = toxin solanine. Thrifty Household – Collected wisdom from The Country Women’s Association of Victoria Inc. Save your cooking water If you steam or boil vegetables, save the water rather than tipping it down the sink. It is full of nutrients and, when cooled, makes a free fertiliser for watering your plants. Watercare Make your own altar Create a sacred space in your home. It can be a whole room or a tiny altar on a table, but it will become the place where you apply beauty masks, meditate, do yoga, write in your journal or set intentions. There’s no right or wrong way to build an altar. The best way is to let your intention guide you. It could include crystals, flowers, pictures of loved ones, images of goddesses, a bowl of coins (abundance), incense, essential oils, mirror and candles. Whole Beauty by Shiva Rose Ginger – how to use it all Don’t let the last knob of ginger go mouldy in the fridge! Either grate or slice it, then freeze it for up to six months, or try pickling it or adding it to kitchen scrap paste. Use It All by Alex ElliottHowery & Jaimee Edwards You can clean your produce with this simple wash recipe: 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus half a litre of water; allow to sit for 5 minutes and then remove the produce and rinse very well. Go With Your Gut by Robyn Youkilis