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The average person consumes roughly 6,178 litres of milk in their lifetime – so choosing the right dairy product to pop in your shopping trolley is a vital decision. However, the human body can only absorb a small amount of natural nutrients from mainstream milk, and often the side effects of drinking mainstream milk can outweigh the benefits, as many people experience various gastrointestinal issues. Milk is a great natural source of calcium and protein but if you’re sensitive to dairy, you may struggle to digest the proteins or sugar found in milk. If your body cannot digest these, you experience symptoms such as diarrhoea, stomach pain, cramps, bloating and flatulence – no fun! But what if it was guaranteed that every time you drank milk, it would improve your gut health and intestinal comfort? NATUREDAY A2+ Probiotics Formulated Full Cream Milk Powder is just that: a delicious, nutritious milk that’s much easier on your body. Not only does it improve gut health, it’s easier to absorb – so you can elevate your daily dairy experience. Dual patented probiotics benefits NATUREDAY’s innovative A2+ dual DuPont-patented probiotics formula helps keep your gut balanced by providing 1.7 billion gut-friendly probiotics in every glass of full cream milk. NATURDAY combines Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM and Bifidobacterium HN019 – both key to promoting gut comfort and healthy gut flora. Those bacteria help boost the trillions of live microbes in our gut, improving overall gut health. Why is gut health so important? A full 70 per cent of our immune system is located in our gut – so good gut health is vital to supporting overall health and fighting off infectious agents such as viruses. Plus, there’s a strong connection between our brain and gut, so good gut health can also help support your mood. What’s more, NATUREDAY’s dual active probiotics formula makes it much easier to absorb – so you know you’re getting the nutrients you need. High calcium levels NATUREDAY A2+ Probiotics Formulated Full Cream Milk Powder is also high in calcium, which is vital for strong bones. In fact, other similar products on the market contain calcium levels of 260mg-280mg, whereas NATUREDAY’s formula contains 572mg – and because it is more easily absorbed by the gut, you can be sure you’re feeling the full benefits. A2 milk Why does NATUREDAY use A2 milk? Because it’s much more easily digestible. A2 milk contains high quality A2-beta casein, which is more readily absorbed in the gut for 80 per cent of those who experience digestive discomfort after consuming mainstream dairy. That means even those who find it difficult to drink milk usually can reap the benefits of dairy when they drink NATUREDAY’s milk. A2+ Added nutrients NATUREDAY’s industry-leading milk powder formula also contains plenty of added nutrients, such as magnesium and selected vitamins. Before NATUREDAY, only baby’s milk powder contained these additions – but our bodies need these nutrients throughout life. NATUREDAY A2+ Probiotics Formulated Full Cream Milk is also the most easily absorbed adult formula milk powder on the market which is suitable for children – so you can choose one great product for the whole family. “This is an ideal product for people and families who are too busy to look after themselves,” says Dr Vijaya Rajendram, NATUREDAY’s strategic co-operation research scientist. Elevate your dairy experience In short, NATUREDAY A2+ Probiotics Formulated Full Cream Milk is not only better for you, crammed with extra nutrients, calcium and a healthy helping of gut-friendly bacteria, it’s also easier to digest. NATUREDAY makes it easier to get the benefits of milk, without the unfortunate side effects. Drink NATUREDAY A2+ Probiotics Formulated Full Cream Milk daily for great long-term benefits. It can easily be added to coffee, smoothies and baking – or sip a glass before you go to bed to support a good night’s sleep.