Mirror Art

Create your own wall art using cane placemats and mirrors.

Words and styling Sarah Heeringa. Photography Amanda Reelick



Tangible Media



Cane is a natural fibre derived from the rattan (or ratan) species that includes around 600 species of climbing palms. It is an enduringly popular interior design textile, thanks to its extreme versatility and ability to be crafted to suit so many decor styles and design eras. Whether the style is formal, classic, rustic, retro or casually coastal, rattan and cane can be used to make everything from wickerwork furniture, through to baskets, canes, woven mats and delicate handicrafts. Even the humblest cane basket or placemat can be a beautifully tactile woven object. Rattan’s pleasing shapes, natural tones and varied textures also make it well suited to being arranged collage-style on a wall. Add a few small round mirrors for extra effect. You will need • An odd number of wicker, rattan or woven cane trays or placemats (preferably varied in size and texture) • A matching number of small round mirrors (look for these in secondhand stores) • Small lengths of hessian (optional) • Glue (such as PVA) or extra-strong double-sided tape • Picture-hanging nails and hammer or no-nail picture hanging strips • Scissors METHOD If you wish, cover any mirrors frames using strips of hessian, secured with doublesided tape. Use glue or tape to fix the mirrors to the centre of each cane item. Press firmly and allow time for any glue to dry. Hang the items in a loose cluster just above eye height.