Seeing things differently

Ways to lose yourself in nature, from a beautiful new book by Rose Ray and Caro Langton, founders of London interior planting studio Ro Co.

Words Rose Ray and Caro Langton. Illustration Georgie McAusland



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Well Being

Seeing things differently Have you ever noticed that when you learn the name of a plant or bird or butterfly, it immediately begins popping up in unexpected places? It can feel as if the universe is giving you a wink. But as busy adults, we’re often distracted, have no time to stop; we override our natural desires to be curious and spontaneous with a need for efficiency. We tend to walk the shortest route on autopilot, and so the small, everyday moments of joy the natural world offers can pass us by. Ask the universe to surprise you. Step out of your front door embodying a new perspective, a sort of more observant alter ego. You might imagine you’re a fresh-eyed tourist or a keen botanist. What would they notice and value? Which element would they want to look closer at? Quieten distraction: ditch your headphones, put off making that call and avoid the temptation to multi-task. Remember to look up. The details that spark and hold your attention – especially observations that perhaps other people seem oblivious to – are fuel for your own unique point of view. Make a daily stroll a new ritual: it’s one of the simplest ways to forge a personal connection to local wildlife and notice the subtle shift in the seasons. The natural world offers so many small, uplifting moments. Collect them, learn more about them, and the universe will keep giving you more.