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When it comes to sleep, Life of Riley dog beds are a dog’s best friend. Made with New Zealand wool, they have many therapeutic benefits for dogs post-surgery or with arthritis, partly because they’re getting a better-quality sleep as well as being more supportive. Wool also breathes more naturally than synthetics, doesn’t smell, regulates body temperature and naturally repels dust mites. Founder Amanda Hollier, who has three dogs, began making her own dog beds with wool after getting fed up with dog beds falling apart. At the time, she was living on an alpaca farm and used alpaca wool for her prototypes. The dogs loved them and she realised she was onto something. Plus, it was a sustainable alternative. “I wanted to create a dog bed that was durable, comfortable and sustainable,” says Hollier. Life of Riley also makes bed pods, snuggle sausages that dogs can rest their heads on, crate bumpers for extra comfort, and has just launched organic cotton fleece blankets.