Readers share things that lift them up that you may like to try:



Tangible Media

Well Being

· Nalda: “Reading makes me happy because it takes me to far-away places to enjoy and understand how other cultures live.” · Julie: “Karate is my stress relief, exercise, my challenge and the dojo I attend creates a wonderful supportive environment and is a fabulous community.” · Bonnie: “Bitch by Meredith Brooks is my song. Love singing it at karaoke. It just pumps me up.” · Rachel: “[After watching Labyrinth] it’s scientifically impossible to NOT feel happy while singing along with David Bowie in his spectacular tights!” · Kirsten: “Beautiful by Carole King is a good reminder to wake up every morning, put a smile on your face and treat people with manaakitanga! You create your own happiness with your own attitude and actions!” · Becky: “The Toni & Ryan Podcast will always make me laugh and is something to take you out of a funk if you are having a low day.” · Ariane: “Braiding Sweetgrass is an amazing book – the kind that you want to buy copies of for everyone you know. The author brings together her knowledge of both plant/botanical science and indigenous knowledge (Anishinaabe, Native American), via personal stories and observations, and gentle beautiful writing, to share life learnings gleaned from the plant world. On almost every page are sections that I want to quote. As someone who has always loved and been fascinated by plants, reading this book is like being embraced in a huge hug, coming home to my own mind/ way of thinking. I find it incredibly calming and hopeful, even as she describes harms we’ve done to the natural world and to each other, because she reminds me that we are all interconnected and that the greater forces of nature are always at work.” · Kirstie: “The Happy Place podcast has conversations about real life, real feelings with real people. It makes me remember I’m not alone in whatever I might be feeling that day. Always gives me perspective. And almost always lifts my mood.” · Riley: “I love the Deliciously Ella podcast. Her voice is so soothing and makes me feel calm and at peace with everything.”