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I treated myself to a Good subscription. The excitement when my magazine arrives is huge. I tuck it into my bag for our holiday home in St Arnaud and come Saturday morning I park up with my coffee. We then enjoy making recipes from it, I look up all the links and leave it for other visitors to enjoy. Rachel Robinson I found ‘Pick a Colour and Observe on a Walk’ (issue 78) a most interesting article. I can remember doing this as a child. Now, at the grand old age of 75, when my friend and I are doing our two daily walks we decide on a certain plant and see how many varieties we can find. Makes a walk very interesting and people ask us “what did you find today”. Isobel Gibson ‘How to feel beautiful in 2022!’ (issue 78) spoke to my heart. Along with a lot of other women during lockdown I came to the decision of being true to myself. After spending countless hours doing what society expected of me – ridding myself of all traces of body hair – I just stopped. I needed to finally honour myself and my body. I am comfortable in the skin I’m in. I embrace body hair as it shows I am me, I am human, we are all the same. I embrace pimples and let my skin shine without covering in it make-up. Last week I also shaved my head – something I have always wanted to do but never had the courage to. My 11-year-old son embraced the change and complimented me on my decision. We had an amazing conversation in which he noted how society still says that it isn’t acceptable for a woman to have short hair or there is a reason, such as illness or sexuality, behind it. In 2022 I am me, no hiding. I am proud! Keep empowering and uplifting all generations who choose to have an open mind Good! Connor Murphy I was feeling sad – my family couldn’t come to NZ for Christmas. I had been diagnosed with a brain tumour and desperately wanted them close. They sent me a Good subscription amongst other treats. I decided I would do at least five things in each edition and so far I have: made the black bean nachos (delicious); bought the Ethique soap bar; tried Matootle’s hair and face mask; dried some herbs; sowed radish and carrot seed; roasted cauliflower leaves (also delicious); and listened to Hollie Smith’s new album. I’m also planning to walk the Pūponga Hilltop Track with friends. I’m looking forward to next edition to do the same. Thanks for the enjoyable distractions. Barbie Reay