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Wendyl Nissen Wendyl is a writer who lives in the Hokianga. She has written 11 books, mostly about natural living, and aims to write more, mostly fiction in the future. She has edited magazines, produced television shows and worked as a broadcaster, but these days she is happiest swimming in the ocean most days with her two dogs, chasing chickens and being a good mum and grandmother. She has also just joined Good as our sustainable living editor! You can read her first column on page 24. GiGi Sosnoski GiGi is a motivational astrologer, coach, speaker, workshop facilitator and a TV, radio and print media contributor. Originally from NYC, she now resides in NZ. As a “life enthusiast”, her passion is sharing upliftment and inspiration. Encouraging people to get excited about their lives, their abilities, their relationships and their futures is what she does best. Gareth St John Thomas The founder of Exisle Publishing, Gareth loves cats, the countryside, words and flyfishing. Probably in that order. The grandson of a poet and the son of a publisher, Gareth is the father of Auckland-born, Poland-based travel writer Nathan James Thomas. He lives in Whanganui and spends time between his offices in Dunedin and Gosford and, when Covid allows, in the northern hemisphere. Gareth is the author of several books including Finding True Connections and, for children, Grandpa’s Noises.